Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners - Reasons why The Bruce Smith Photography Academy Is About The Best In The World

Restricted Numbers Of Photographers At All Classes.

As a way to maximize this education opportunity, each delegate is guaranteed private one-to-one shooting time with every model for every ‘look'. You are a part of the crew for the time that you are on the class. Delegates assimilate fully with the models, stylist and hair and make up artist and discover first hand from Bruce and his group exactly what works, what does not and why.

Best camera angles

Uncover The Secrets Of Lighting For People.

Discover how the photos you have seen in numerous publications are achieved, once you find out how Bruce lights his amazing location or studio basic people photos, then apply it for yourself through the class! Before you book your fashion portrait photography lessons, have a look at the Former Students Comments And Photographs, exactly where each picture was shot by delegates whilst on Bruce Smith Photography Lessons.

Professional Team.

Bruce exclusively chooses working professionals to be part of his team. This assures that the wardrobe stylists and make up artists are coming up with appropriate and dazzling ‘looks' that help to make the fashion nude pictures which will go in to your profile be right UP TO DATE Location Fashion pictures..

Agent Standard Professional Models.

You will be shooting with Bruce's choice of agency level professional location fashion models, picked for their appearance and their ability to work with photographers. For those who have never captured pics of a professional model before, this will certainly provide you with an insight to a completely new arena of creativity.

Essential Insights Hints And Tips.

The Bruce Smith Photography Academy Classes will give you a foundation from which to actively pursue fashion photography as a vocation. The photography classes contain essential insights, tips and techniques that will inspire you to develop your own skills and style as a nude photographer - so you too can capture the glamour, dynamism, and sophistication of the beauty photography industry.

To Become The Best You Need To Be Taught By The Best.

Students receive a professional experience because we only use the best team members, models and facilities for these courses. YOU will be taught by a seasoned professional with 35 years experience shooting for high calibre daylight studio fashion clients all over the world.

Combining The Important Elements.

During these photography classes, Bruce demonstrates and explains to you all of the key information, from setting up the perfect lighting set ups for model portfolio or preparing to shoot on location. Working with agency standard professional senior models. Post-production and photoshop for portraiture skills and how to break into this amazing industry. Helping you to compete within the basic people photography business.

Best camera angles

You will get a unique opportunity to combine all of these elements to produce your own professional fashion photos for your portfolio during these photography classes. To achieve amazing professional pictures you need to be able to communicate, direct and be in control of your shoot. All of which you will learn during a Bruce Smith Academy Bridal Fashion Portraiture Photography Class, and all of these skills I teach and help you to refine so you are at the start of developing your own unique style of photography.

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